Top 5 Family Christmas Movies

Two more sleeps until Christmas! I’ve mentioned before that my family loves a good movie night. One of my favourite family traditions is watching a Christmas movie then laying out the sack and setting up a snack for Santa before tucking my son into bed.  So I thought this week I would share my Top 5 Family Christmas Movies.

  1. Arthur Christmas
    We only watched this one for the first time this year and my son loved it. It’s a sweet story about Santa’s youngest son Arthur, who goes on a mission with his Grandsanta and an enthusiastic elf to deliver a misplaced present. It’s very funny and a great choice for the whole family to enjoy.
  2. Rise of the Guardians
    I know this technically isn’t a Christmas movie but it does feature the big guy in the red suit and my son tells me it’s his favourite Christmas movie so I’m including it.  It features the four Guardians , The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny (voiced by the delightful Hugh Jackman), and Santa Claus, who must join with Jack Frost to save the children of the world from the nasty Pitch Black.
  3. Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Based on the story by Dr Seuss and starring Jim Carrey, this movie is a hilarious family favourite. The Grinch is a green, Christmas hating, outsider with a plan to ruin Christmas for the town of Whoville.
  4. The Polar Express
    This magical movie stars Tom Hanks and follows a young boy who is beginning to doubt the existence of Santa on a journey to the North Pole aboard a train called The Polar Express as he learns about bravery, friendship, and the spirit of Christmas. I think this is a great movie for kids at that age who are starting to question the existence of Santa but still wanting to keep the magic alive.
  5. Santa Buddies
    Another sweet story about the spirit of Christmas but this time it includes puppies! The fate of Christmas everywhere is at stake as the world forgets the true meaning of Christmas. It’s up to Puppy Paws, with the help of his new friends, the Buddies, to save Christmas.

Bonus mention: The Nightmare Before Christmas
I enjoy this movie but it’s not really appropriate for little kids. Jack Skellington, the hero of Halloween Town discovers Christmas Town and is fascinated by this new holiday. He attempts to bring his newfound joy to Halloween Town but it doesn’t quite go according to plan. My sensitive 9 year old still thinks the characters are too creepy and won’t watch it but I’m looking forward to the year he will sit down and enjoy it with me.

So there you have my favourite Christmas movies. I’d love to hear your suggestions for what to watch this Christmas. Please leave a comment below telling me what your favourite Christmas movie is.


    Great movie suggestions! Our family adores Miracle on 31st street and when the kiddies go to bed we like Love Actually :)

    tell_me_im_pretty | 1 year ago Reply

      Oh they are both great movies! :-)

      Budget Mums | 1 year ago Reply

    I LOVE nightmare before xmas. Poor Jack!! Just wanted to be moral too.

    Lydia C. Lee | 4 months ago Reply

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