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We’ve now moved into the second half of the school holidays here and I can sense the boredom growing. So far my son has been fine finding things to entertain himself with, needing little guidance from me, but he’s starting to look for something new to interest him. So I thought I’d share a few ideas I will be suggesting to him over the next couple of weeks before school goes back. Also if you haven’t already be sure to check out my Budget Friendly School Holidays Ideas.

  1. Make your own book. Fold pieces of paper into 4 and staple a few together. Get out the art supplies and let them go nuts. For younger kids draw pictures and then help them fill in the words.
  2. Make a movie. Most phones these days have video capabilities. Show older kids how to use it and let them film their own movie, using either younger (hopefully willing) siblings or toys as characters. Once they have finished filming, upload the video files to a computer. Windows 10 comes with video editing software (Movie Maker) and I’m fairly certain most Mac’s come with something similar. Find a straight forward YouTube video to teach them the basics and off they go. Organise a special movie night to premiere their masterpiece!
  3. Rediscover a love for play dough. Now that my son is 9 he sometimes tells me he’s too old for play dough but I find if I just get it out without saying anything he doesn’t complain and can spend hours making and playing with his creations.
  4. Head to the Park. Sometimes a change of scenery is all they need. Take bikes or scooters, hats and a drink bottle, and spend a morning enjoying the fresh air.
  5. Get out the paddling pool. When all else fails set up the paddling pool and splash around. If you don’t have a paddling pool, let them play in the bath. There is just something so wonderful about water that I find makes the whole day feel awesome.

What are you doing to fill in the last few weeks of school holidays?

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    Such great ideas!! I love the playdough comment! I would still use it with my year 2 class last year as part of lessons, and if I gave them a 'challenging' task to do, they would love it! Some of them even liked to use it if it was a rainy day and we had inside lunch!

    Fi Morrison | 1 year ago Reply

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