Father’s Day on a Budget

Father’s Day is coming up in Australia so this week I thought I would put together a list of budget friendly gift ideas. These are just little things that I think my husband or Dad would love to receive that don’t cost an absolute fortune.

Father's Day Gift Ideas 1An Awesome Mug – Coffee mugs are always a welcome gift in our house. We seem to go through quite a few of them. It may have something to do with the fact that I am incredibly clumsy and have a gift for breaking crockery. Maybe.

BBQ Tools – Father’s Day means Spring is here and as the weather warms up we will start to use the BBQ more again. A nice set of BBQ Tools (Kmart have some great ones) will set your Dad or partner up for the coming months (and maybe give you the night off from cooking dinner!).

A Gift Card – The trick with gift cards is to pick the right store for the recipient. Opa loves home improvement projects, so a Bunnings Gift Card always makes him happy. Similarly, if your Dad/partner is into games or cars, I’m sure he’d love one from EB Games or Autobarn.

Homemade Fudge – Fudge is a great treat that you can also personalise to cater to the preferences of whoever Father's Day Gift Ideas 2you are giving it to. My Dad loves Cherry Ripe chocolate bars, so I’ve been tweaking my recipe for Cherry Ripe fudge. I think I’ve just about perfected it (if you’d like the recipe let me know).

Breakfast in Bed – This is usually at the top of my Husband’s wish list for any special occasion. Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of bacon being cooked just for them?

What are you gifting the Dad’s in your life this Father’s Day?

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    Chris J | 9 months ago Reply

    I always get my son to make his father a card which saves $4 and is always cute. Last year we collected leaves and bark and made a nature photo frame. Personalised and cheap! My favourite

    Casshee | 9 months ago Reply

      Oh that's such a cute idea! I might have to get the craft supplies out for my Porkchop this week!

      Budget Mums | 9 months ago Reply

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