5 Ways to Save on your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. Ridiculously expensive.  This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary, so I thought it would be a great time to share some suggestions for how to save money on your big day.

  1. Wedding Dress 5 Ways to Save on your Wedding (2)We all know the biggest choice to make when it comes to a wedding is the dress (well maybe your partner, but the dress is a close second!). My advice is don’t feel you have to wear a proper wedding dress. Instead of a dress, I actually wore a beautiful tutu and lace top on my wedding day. I felt like a Princess, no-one knew I wasn’t wearing a “wedding dress” and it actually cost less than my husbands suit!
  2. Groom’s suit  –  Shop around and buy on sale if you can. My husband wanted to wear a simple black suit so we looked online at all his options (I say we but I really mean me, he only saw my top choices), until he found one he liked. Then we (again mostly me) weighed up renting versus buying. Renting seemed like the more affordable option, until the suit came on sale for 40% off. In the end, we purchased it for about the same price hiring it would have cost, and  my husband now has a black suit for any future formal occasionsHow to save money on your weddinging.
  3. Flowers  – Buy fake and DIY. We actually saved on our wedding flowers in two ways. The first was I bought beautiful fake roses online for mine and my bridesmaids bouquets which saved as quite a bit.  Secondly, we grew and decorated our centre pieces ourselves, well with some help from my Pop. The few days I was left in charge of them I actually almost killed them. But thankfully on the day, we had beautiful pots of white and purple flowers everywhere. Thanks Pop.
  4. Transport  Is it something you need? We had our ceremony and reception at the same venue so transport was something we decided to skip. I had my Dad drive me to the Church in his car which was lovely, as it gave us some time alone before he walked me down the aisle. Then at the end of the day, my husband and I drove away in our car. It seemed fitting really.
  5. ReceptionSaving on your wedding Think outside the box. I knew pretty early on in our wedding planning I didn’t want a traditional sit down dinner for our reception, although my husband did take some convincing. In the end, we decided to have afternoon tea in the Church Hall, which worked out a lot cheaper and was much more our style. Instead of just going with what you think a wedding reception should be, think about what you and your partner would enjoy. Maybe a buffet, or a pig on a spit. Perhaps just simple canapes, or a picnic. The ideas are endless, so choose something that will make you happy.

I know weddings are an exciting time but I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s just one day. So long as by the end of it you and your partner are married, the day is a success, no matter what else happens.

Are you engaged at the moment and have any more suggestions? Or if you are already married, how did you save money on your big day? I’d love to hear about your plans and weddings in the comments below.

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    As a member of your bridal party I have to say it was a pretty amazing wedding! We saved in lots of different ways. We bought a lot of our stuff secondhand online and at garage sales. I found parasols for $2 each in perfect condition that my bridesmaids and flower girl used. I shopped around. I went to so many wedding expos to get the best deals which is where i got a fabulous deal on my wedding venue and my makeup and hair. I searched on gumtree for vendors who weren't brand new but we're still looking to fill their portfolios or expand them. I got a videographer and 2 photographers for an amazing deal and I couldn't be happier with the result. We always think weddings need to be expensive but they definitely don't have to be.

    Cassie | 5 months ago Reply

      I am glad you thought so! They are some great tips as well! I think I'm going to have to put together another post lol

      Budget Mums | 5 months ago Reply

    I made my own wedding invitations, they were a bit like little postcard size scrapbooking cards. That saved a lot by doing the printing part myself also. Such a lot or organising for a day that goes so quickly!! #openslather

    Alicia O'Brien | 5 months ago Reply

      That's another great idea! Thanks Alicia :-) It does go way too fast! I wasn't ready for the day to end haha

      Budget Mums | 5 months ago Reply

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