5 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Teachers

Are your kids counting down the days until school ends yet? Porkchop tells me there are only 2 weeks left until the end of term. TWO WEEKS! How did we end up here? I feel like the year only just started and we’re already up to class parties. Each year we get Porkchop’s teacher a present, to thank them for putting up with him  helping him to grow throughout the year. I know a lot of parents like to do this but the challenge can be finding something appropriate that the teacher would actually like to receive. To try and help, I’ve put together a list of budget-friendly gift ideas for teachers.

  1. A Plant – I know flowers are a more traditional sort of gift idea, but I think real plants are that little bit nicer, just because they last. Succulents can be a good choice because they are harder to kill. Budget friendly teacher gift ideasOr something like gerbera’s are a nice option because they’re so beautiful and bright. I’d avoid things like roses though, as they can be difficult to grow.
  2. A Handmade Christmas Ornament – I always sort of assumed teachers weren’t into these sort of presents because they get enough of them throughout the year. But a teacher friend recently told me that that’s not actually the case as most school work goes home to parents, and that personalised handmade gifts are a lovely way to look back at students from years gone by. Just make sure to include your child’s name and the year to help jog their memory.
  3. Movie Voucher – This is usually my go to gift idea for teachers. Most people enjoy the cinema and they can pick what they would like to see so it doesn’t matter that I don’t know a great deal about their interests outside of my son’s education. Easy and safe.Budget friendly teacher gift ideas 2
  4. Stationery – This is another gift I always thought might not really be appreciated but apparently not! Teachers go through large amounts of stationery (think pens, pencils, notebooks etc), so a gift of a lovely set at Christmas time will start them off right the next year.
  5. Smarties – If you’re on a super tight budget (or have just run out of time or the desire to head to the shops one more time) a packet of smarties with a cute label that reads, “Thank you for helping us become Smarties!” is a delightful gift. Who doesn’t love chocolate and a good pun?

Do you give your children’s teacher a Christmas present? If so, what are you gifting them this year?

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    Movie voucher is a good idea!! Would not have thought of that!

    Lydia C. Lee | 5 months ago Reply

    I love the Smarties idea! Puns are always clever and funny! Di from Max The Unicorn

    Di from Max The Unicorn | 5 months ago Reply

    I would never have thought about a movie voucher. I think I'll sort that out for next year. This year my son and I made his teachers bath bombs with essential oils and soap. It was a lot of fun.

    Cassie | 5 months ago Reply

      That's another awesome idea!

      Budget Mums | 5 months ago Reply

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