5 Awesome Christmas Specials Currently on Netflix

I am a huge fan of Christmas movies and specials. Last year I wrote a post of my Top 5 Family Christmas Movies and this year I thought I would share 5 awesome Christmas specials. The best part is they are all currently on Netflix!

Shrek the Halls
Do ogres celebrate Christmas? Of course not! Until now at least. Shrek tries to get into the spirit of things for Fiona and the kids but when Donkey, Puss In Boots, and the whole gang show up, Shrek’s plans for a cosy family celebration go out the window.

Merry Madagascar
I think this one is actually my favourite of all 5 specials. King Julien never fails to crack me up. Just when Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melvin think they’re on their way home to New York for Christmas, Santa and his reindeer crash onto Madagascar and it’s up to the animals to save Christmas.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday
It’s the Dragon Warrior’s responsibility to host the annual winter holiday feast. When Po struggles to meet his friends’ expectations, the holiday could be headed for disaster.

Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury
As viking village Berk prepares for it’s winter holiday Snoggletog, the  dragons all suddenly fly away, accidentally taking Hiccup with them. Turns out Dragons celebrate the holiday season with their own special tradition.

Home for the Holidays
This special is a new one this year and features some awesome musical numbers. After learning about the joy of Christmas from Tip and My Mum, Oh takes it upon himself to bring the holiday cheer to his fellow Boovs.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go according to plan and instead of spreading good tidings and cheer, they almost destroy the city.

What’s your favourite Christmas Special? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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    We watched the Trolls Holiday Special on Netflix yesterday. It was very cute <3

    Cassie | 5 months ago Reply

      I haven't seen that one yet. Might have to watch it today!

      Budget Mums | 4 months ago Reply

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