5 Easter Gift Ideas That Aren’t Chocolate

It’s March already! Which this year means, Easter is only 4 weeks away. How do you celebrate Easter?  Because we come from such a big family, Porkchop usually gets pretty spoiled. In an attempt to limit the amount of chocolate he ends up with, my husband and I usually give him a small gift instead of chocolate. This week I’ve put together a list of things we’ve given him over the years that I think make a great substitute to chocolate.

  1. Winter pyjamas, slippers or a dressing gown – Easter marks the beginning of cooler weather, so warm jammies, slippers or a dressing gown make an excellent Easter present. This has been our go to gift the last few years.
  2. A mug – As the weather cools down, drinks such as hot chocolate, are a perfect way to warm up. The year Porkchop got his own mug, he felt very grown up indeed.
  3. Plastic eggs filled with tiny treasures  – Everyone loves a good Easter Hunt. Plastic eggs containing little trinkets such as stickers, balloons, even tiny figures, make excellent treasure instead of chocolate eggs. Another great thing about them is you can keep the eggs and reuse them again next year.
  4. A book  – There are some great Easter books available that make perfect Easter gifts. One year, Porkchop was gifted the book “That’s Not My Bunny”, and we must have read it everyday for over a year.
  5. A stuffed toy – This is my favourite idea for babies, when they are too little for chocolate, a soft toy they can snuggle.  For his very very first Easter, we gave Porkchop a cute little stuffed bunny. I still like to bring it out every Easter and will continue to do so in years to come, no matter how much it embarrasses him (sorry buddy).

Do you try and limit the amount of chocolate your kids get for Easter? If so, what do you get them instead? This year, we’ll be getting Porkchop some new winter pyjamas, and the rest of the family can spoil him with chocolate. What do you do for Easter, gifts or chocolate? I’d love to know in the comments.

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