Things I Have Paid For With Swagbucks

I’ve written before about how Swagbucks is a great way to make a little bit of extra money. While I don’t earn anywhere near enough to live on, every little extra bit helps. I thought this week it would be interesting to share some things I have made enough Swagbucks to pay for. If you’re interested in giving it a go, have a look at my post on how to use Swagbucks by clicking here.

  • Netflix – I often make enough each month to cover the monthly cost of our Netflix account.  It’s the smallest of our monthly expenses, and the first to go when we need to cut costs, but when it comes out of Paypal cash I have redeemed from Swagbucks, I must admit, I do a little happy dance. How Do I Use Essential Oils Safely (1)
  • doTERRA Essential Oils – I love my oils and when I have enough in my Paypal from Swagbucks to pay for them? That too makes my little money-saving heart  super happy!
  • eBooks – I am a huge fan of our local library but it doesn’t always have all the books on my to-read list. When that happens, if I decide to treat myself and purchase the book, I often prefer to buy the eBook over a paperback. They are usually cheaper and if I can buy them with Swagbucks, it makes it an even better treat! Things I Have Paid For With Swagbucks 2
  • Giveaway Prizes – I’ve run two giveaways over on the Budget Mums Facebook Page in the past year and Swagbucks actually paid for both of them. Are you following Budget Mums on Facebook? If not, head over to have a look so you don’t miss out on the next giveaway!
  • Gifts – I bought my best friend a beautiful necklace and earrings set for her birthday this year. As soon as I saw it I knew she would love it. Unfortunately, her birthday is just after Christmas so money was a bit tight. Luckily I had accumulated enough Swagbucks to cash out and pay for it!

Do you make money online? If so, do you use it to pay for everyday expenses or something else? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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