Money My Way {With The Spiritual Mum}

Welcome to the second post of Money My Way! In this series awesome Mum’s share their ideas regarding money and budgeting. To view the first interview click here.

This week the lovely Gemma, AKA The Spiritual Mum, answered my questions. Thank you Gemma 🙂

Are you a spender or a saver? I’m more of a spender than a saver, but I’m also neither. I don’t spend a lot and I don’t save a lot. I guess I sit somewhere in the middle.
Where do you think you learnt your money habits? Did your parents teach you about money and budgeting or did you pick it up yourself along the way? My money habits were learnt from my parent’s attitude towards money. My mum died when I was 10, so I don’t have a memory about my mum’s money habits, but I certainly remember my Dad being restrictive with money and shaming people that had money, owned ‘flashy’ cars and went on nice holidays. I developed a belief that having money was something to be ashamed of and ‘flashing it about’ was something you didn’t do. My Dad worked very hard and provided very well for my brothers and I but unfortunately the messages that shaped my belief system outshone all of that.
What do you wish you’d known sooner about budgeting and money? I wish I had known that money is a source of energy and simply reflective of our lack or abundance mindset. Not to fear money and to have respect for it but don’t let it have the power.
Do you have a budget? If so, is it in your head or written down? Not anymore. I have had one at times but find I don’t stick to it very well. Our household functions on a loose budget that works.
Do you and your partner have similar attitudes towards money? If not, how do you deal with that? We approach money from a different mindset altogether. I have struggled with a scarcity mentality (fear of not having enough) and my husband is more relaxed and always trusts that there will be enough to support us all. My husband is very calming and always balances out any anxiety I might experience. He has helped me to learn to trust a lot more.
What is your biggest money concern? Not having enough to provide for our family and live an amazing life.
What is your best money-saving tip? Spend less!
What is your favourite budget meal? Chicken and Cauliflower fried rice.
Do you give your kid’s pocket money? Yes, we give our kids aged based pocket money. But we don’t connect our kids pocket money to jobs and don’t use it against them if they misbehave. We keep the 2 very separate.
Did you receive pocket money as a child? No, I didn’t.
What’s one thing you hope to teach your kids about money? I want to teach my children to trust that they are enough and will always have enough, that money doesn’t define the value they bring to the world and to give without expecting anything in return.
If you were given a million dollars tomorrow what would do with it? I would donate 10%, invest $50K for each child to go towards a house deposit, pay off the rest of our mortgage, go on an amazing family holiday and then put the remainder down as a deposit on a holiday home.

Gemma AKA The Spiritual MumGemma AKA The Spiritual Mum teaches mumma’s how to get out of their own way, connect with their purpose and breathe life into their hopes and dreams. You can find her blogging, teaching and inspiring in one of the following places: FacebookSpiritual Mum Life Group, and Instagram.

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    The learning that Gemma takes away here, to respect money but not to fear it or give it too much power, really resonates with me. A very valuable lesson.

    Kirsty Russell | 1 month ago Reply

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